2004 – Arabian purebred sabino, rubicano extrême, related Egyptian
Albézias stud, Mr and Ms Rouba are proud to introduce you for the first time in France their stallion


He arrived in June from United States, he is one of the rare pinto sabino arabian purebred stallion
in Europe and with a very prestigious pedigree : 3/4 Egyptian,
in his origins we can find prestigious names as : Alaa el din, Nazeer, Morafic ….

Producer in USA, he already sired 5 foals, most of them sabinos.

Easy character, he has a good mental, a very nice model, with a classical type
who however produce with type.

Just arrived on the French ground, he already covered 2 mares from Albezias stud,
an arabian purebred and a pinto mare with arabian origins.

Not only producer, just broken-in, and without an first outside ride,
he ran his first endurance race in France in August, and has been qualified in 20 KM .

A future more than promising for this young stallion
whose coat which makes its scarecity is as fabulous as his origins, his model, and his mental …

Frost is qulified in 60 km endurance young horses during the french chamionship in Uzès on October 11th, 2009

In November 2010, Frost was qualified in 90km International Endurance Race *
Avis aux amateurs !

Avis aux amateurs !



Breeding Season 2015

Price of breeding : purebred 900 euros 
crossing  600 euros 
Price except pension : vetenary expenses and ecography expenses


Au pré :

Jument 6 €/jour

Jument suitée 8 €/jour

Au Box : 2 € supplémentaires par jour

Les juments doivent être à jour des vaccinations y compris la Rhino pneumonie !!

Accompagnées d’un certificat négatif de mérite contagieuse, déférées des postérieurs.


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Foals born at the breeding by Windsong Firefrost (after 2011)